About Xiaomoxuan Hair Mask

Xiaomoxuan hair masks are known for their nourishing, rejuvenating and regenerating properties.

If we do not have time for professional cosmetic procedures, this kind of care should be done once a week at home. Of course, you must first buy Xiaomoxuan cosmetics, as these are the best hair care products.

How to choose a hair mask?

A mask, just like a hair conditioner, can help us in all kinds of treatments. Moisturizing masks can cope with overdried hair. For women who want to strengthen their hair, we recommend revitalizing hair masks. To increase the volume, for example, very thin hair, masks for thin hair are recommended.

Xiaomoxuan mask is best applied to washed hair, cleansed of any impurities, with not completely wet, but at least a slightly dried towel.

Excess water thins the consistency of the mask and furthermore causes it to drip out of the hair before it starts working.


Sometimes we can read about the application that will allow us to comply with all the rules. However, the best results, especially with shorter hair, will come from washing the hair and then applying the mask. Before applying the mask, you need to comb your hair well, as this will give your hair even better nutrition. Nevertheless, this must be done very carefully, since wet hair is very susceptible to any mechanical damage.

Expert Advice

Masks usually contain a concentrated portion of nutrients, but this does not mean that a thin layer is enough for our hair. Here it is important to feel and observe the subsequent effects. If the hair is weighed down and sticky after rinsing and drying, then we have used too much product.

We will enhance the effect of the Xiaomoxuan mask if we wrap our hair in a towel or put a special shower cap on it. Nutrients penetrate the hair structure even better if the compress is additionally heated, for example, with a hairdryer, creating conditions similar to a sauna.

Most often on the packaging we also find useful information on this issue. Manufacturers recommend leaving the mask on wet hair for about 15-30 minutes, and this is the maximum optimal time. Holding the mask too short (a few minutes) will have no effect, the ingredients will not have time to be absorbed into the hair structure, while too long will cause the hair scales to become too soft, which can even lead to hair loss.

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